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- Home is where the heart is. If you would like to join a corp to learn what it means to "be at Home" ...2010.10.18 20:21:00
- Didnt know where to ask this. But can someone tell me if a personal can buy shares of CCP on a stock ...2009.10.06 03:47:00
- jin meili u are set up that was last one im out and ty ...2008.06.14 03:39:00
- Edited by: Lauralyn Zendatori on 14/06/2008 03:39:40 plz post here and ill setup immediatly Just on ...2008.06.14 03:35:00
- ty sry i was a bit slow ...2008.01.02 15:32:00
- jun did u still want one ...2008.01.02 15:31:00
- sry im a bit nwew to this i just set up camaxtli 1x 30day -200m ...2008.01.02 15:26:00
- Camaxtli tanx tried sending it to this toon is that correct eve says cant find him ...2008.01.02 15:10:00
- nvm says your character is not found ...2008.01.02 15:09:00
- i can sell u one are u on now ...2008.01.02 15:05:00

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