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- You dont need a retail CD key, you just go to account management and pay 19.95 US for your first mon ...2004.07.21 20:49:00
- With only one account....get a friend to hold you stuff until you relog with the other char. ...2004.07.19 21:50:00
- I disagree, I think it is a good feature. It will keep the market pricing in line, I have bought and ...2004.07.19 18:49:00
- Well its hard to say what skill you should train without knowing what you want to do in the game or ...2004.07.19 18:42:00
- Right click at the top of the chat tab(the name of the channel) and hit hide joins.... ;-) ...2004.07.19 15:19:00
- No its not normal, My card dosent do it, and the one I have in my PC right now is an ATI Radeon 7500 ...2004.07.17 19:36:00
- oh, and what kind of ship/weapons will it take to kill those cops in newbspace? if you try to fig ...2004.07.17 15:45:00
- One of the biggest problems of Earth and Beyond in that gates and high level ore was always camped a ...2004.07.16 20:08:00
- I like the Concord...if you dont wanna get blown up its quite simple...dont shoot things in .4 and a ...2004.07.16 19:59:00
- Check out this movie that Forgyl pointed ya to Linkageit is a decent one. The basic run down of how ...2004.07.16 19:54:00
- Edited by: Sebest on 15/07/2004 23:30:16 Dude you sound bitter...I'll meet ya there though if you t ...2004.07.15 23:28:00
- That happens to me sometimes when i click on 'reply to topic' and it always happens when i click on ...2004.07.15 21:45:00
- Wooot!!! looks like my picture finally showed up, I guess the answer to your question then would be ...2004.07.15 21:42:00
- I want an answer to that question too, the forum help thing said it would show up 24 hours after you ...2004.07.15 18:54:00

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