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- Bringing the thread back on-topic, I hope...That was the best bucket yet, I laughed. Cheers. ...2011.08.29 02:40:00
- Edited by: Kyoko Sakoda on 28/08/2011 17:36:44Uh, why are we fighting about such things? Shouldn't w ...2011.08.28 17:35:00
- Why have you entered CS3 into the EVE is real competition? And why are you negatively posting about ...2011.08.27 22:15:00
- I think the trailers need more in-game footage, however it's really hard to find good footage becaus ...2011.08.20 01:20:00
- Edited by: Kyoko Sakoda on 15/08/2011 03:55:54 I uploaded the file onto YouTube and FMP. I apologiz ...2011.08.15 03:53:00
- Just... wow. ...2011.08.15 03:19:00
- Some damn good writing in that piece, mate! The montage was not bad, either. ...2011.08.15 03:11:00
- Edited by: Kyoko Sakoda on 15/08/2011 03:24:36 Edited by: Kyoko Sakoda on 14/08/2011 01:37:44I prom ...2011.08.14 01:32:00
- Fan video premiere will be streamed direct feed, we are aware there is glare on the presentation scr ...2011.08.13 16:42:00
- The dev responses in this thread are win and we need more of them in other threads. Maybe then I'd r ...2011.08.11 18:56:00
- There aren't any good or even mediocre options for free video editors. You'll have to pay up hundred ...2011.08.06 19:09:00
- Confirming Alienhand is awesome. My list typically is full of post-rock, like God is an Astronaut, J ...2011.08.06 19:05:00
- Can't freaking wait for this!This is soon™ and I'm excited. Are you excited?\o\ /o/ \o) (o/ \\o o// ...2011.08.03 00:22:00
- Ah, thanks for that clarification. I assumed that the scientists were also part of the crew. ...2011.07.31 21:30:00
- Just curious as to what makes you think any of those scientists who followed Dr. Tukoss went against ...2011.07.31 20:50:00

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