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- You people suck at Pavlovian training.If CCP works on stuff other than lag, you whine. If CCP works ...2010.08.24 04:47:00
- 1560 people in Jita? Call the Guinness, call the cops, we can't take this type of win! ...2010.08.24 04:25:00
- And put some actual resources into the current game, why don't ya! ...2010.07.20 22:49:00
- Oh god yes, this eneds to happen. 200+ Coalition and NC gangs jump into jita at once from two system ...2010.07.14 00:51:00
- You need to leave your corp to sell the char. ...2010.07.09 19:07:00
- After lawling at the hardwiring thread for a while, I saw nobody was complaining about booster costs ...2010.06.29 17:10:00
- If you look past the robots and stuff, you see that they use EVE concepts, terms and general setup ...2010.06.18 23:04:00
- I never thought it would be done, but yeah. EVE, with robots. to ...2010.06.18 22:52:00
- Oh of course, and there are numerous reasons EVE is gonna stay laggy for at least two years to some ...2010.06.12 02:05:00
- Edited by: Aluin Chaput on 11/06/2010 23:08:25 LOL, that would be a bit too meta IMHO. Having as an ...2010.06.11 23:04:00
- After reading endless blob complaints, and reminiscing about Ender's Game, here is my suggestion.Imp ...2010.06.11 22:26:00
- Edited by: Aluin Chaput on 02/05/2010 22:27:05 The end of podcast 13 was obscenely fun, Noir has cl ...2010.05.02 22:20:00
- I dunno, I think they have a bit too many similarities to not be copied. And yeah, The Asgard are un ...2010.04.18 23:23:00
- Race of super advanced humanoids with similar looks that manage to kill themselves off/render themse ...2010.04.18 20:36:00
- This would be awesome if it where not an April fools joke. ...2010.04.01 06:17:00

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