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- I thought hellcats were cheerleaders on some tv show my gf watches. ...2011.01.04 07:12:00
- This looks good. Perhaps with enough attention we could even have a CCP sponsor, though unlikely. If ...2011.01.04 07:08:00
- Hi, for past few weeks been living out in null sec and have reaped the rewards of doing sanctums and ...2011.01.03 11:05:00
- This is actually a very good idea. I'd actually prefer that 0.0 systems above a certain threshold of ...2011.01.03 09:25:00
- IRC is SO bad that they need cancer patients to boost their odds of winning fights? Hah, that's fked ...2011.01.03 08:52:00
- Edited by: Lyris Nairn on 02/01/2011 11:10:58 And what activities might you be suggesting? I will ...2011.01.02 11:15:00
- I think you need to check up drone stuff before you make proposals.1. Drone control range with Scout ...2011.01.02 10:48:00
- Yes, but I want a cookie.Bake one? It's not hardThat's a stereotype. Not all women cook. You bake i ...2011.01.02 09:50:00
- Fail. BS gangs not used is lol. Very epic lol. BC's just don't have the buffer battleships do, nor t ...2011.01.02 09:41:00
- Edited by: Corpior Devoter on 20/12/2010 20:27:00 Ok, so I've been flying Coercers ever since they ...2011.01.02 09:33:00
- Honestly, if you want to rat in 0.0, here's how you do it.Step 1: Sit in recruitment channel for 5 m ...2011.01.01 06:23:00
- Caldari fight so bad the Gallente have to drop Nyx on the Amarr to have fun (though they still lose! ...2011.01.01 06:11:00
- Yeah, join Caldari, they need more idiots. ...2011.01.01 06:07:00
- This was so wrong it's ridiculous. Amarr has great FC's that do general roams; we even typically fly ...2011.01.01 05:56:00
- Amarr drones are broken. Use Gallente in all cases where using Amarr drones might be useful. If you ...2011.01.01 03:19:00

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