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- Kruulus,6,16,52,116,117,129,144,145,146,162 ...2010.11.15 20:26:00
- Edited by: Kruulus on 22/05/2010 06:43:59 I think that corporations/alliances should be able to hav ...2010.05.22 06:43:00
- and all shuttles have a cpu and a powergrid... but that doesn't mean the game needs to find way to ...2010.05.16 18:18:00
- join a corp and build an empire. make an impact on the universe through the market or by force. the ...2009.12.31 21:54:00
- /signed ...2009.12.31 18:41:00
- ... you can't control who gets it and who doesn't - if they join the fleet and you're the designated ...2009.12.31 18:26:00
- I want fancy paths and smoke trails!!! (um... i'm not a scientist but i'm pretty sure you're not ...2009.12.29 19:40:00
- well... it would be more data to process and may cause lag. also i don't think missiles do take a 10 ...2009.12.29 18:04:00
- NO!CCP wants to move people to null-sec, but they also want to attract new players and brush away th ...2009.12.29 17:57:00
- i'm sorry.. are you trying to flame me? i already do pay attention... i was suggesting something els ...2009.12.29 00:34:00
- A simple idea that I think would be nice.When you finish training a skill that qualifies you for a c ...2009.12.29 00:10:00
- things in topic i agree with: -easy drag and drop of target icons -color coding and symbols from o ...2009.12.28 17:43:00
- i would like this calander system to be able to be switched to a view relative to your own time zone ...2009.12.25 20:15:00
- Zaknussem, you need to learn how to read and how to talk.for your first reaction, notice that my "co ...2009.12.24 17:06:00
- ... imagine Motsu or Dodixie after several people had left a load of wrecks from some of the bigger ...2009.12.23 21:39:00

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