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- Hola! Really I never post on the forum but this didnt felt good. What is a good ship for minmatar in ...2011.03.22 07:27:00
- Sad to see you guys goodbeen good times flying in the alliance and with ssdc! cheers denu ...2010.02.17 15:54:00
- I want to sell my PvE fitted Maelstrom in Akora with 3x ccc rigged convo me or sent me a mail for pr ...2010.02.11 12:59:00
- Wow good initiative! ...2010.01.02 15:38:00
- Did I read that correct. Just a post under me I actually read that speed is being un-nerfed. Can som ...2009.11.25 08:25:00
- DONT HAUL BPO's IN AN IMPAIROR! ...2009.11.16 07:33:00
- soudns very cool! Im from Tilburg myself maybe ill come. If I have nothing else planned ...2009.11.10 14:12:00
- 1 mil ...2009.09.09 22:43:00
- Edited by: Denu Vajet on 19/08/2009 17:26:05 ....... ...2009.08.19 16:50:00
- Alright have been reading though most guides in the sticky today. VERY interesting I learned alot (t ...2009.06.02 14:39:00
- Hmm alrighty, well I can fit a can fit an hurricane with t2 ac´s although I wanted to go for arty´s ...2009.03.19 12:46:00
- I was looking for some nice fits for an Maelstrom to rat in but cant find any good fits for it for l ...2009.03.19 11:33:00
- Nice read indeed! ...2009.02.27 10:16:00
- Thats awesome hope it were some good bookS! ...2009.02.27 10:11:00
- I am flying an PvP rupture atm. But my main problem is that I can't find any good targets. ...2009.02.16 09:35:00

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