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- NVM. Someone was nice enought to mail me this:Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Damage Control ...2010.10.24 21:44:00
- I read about artillery on an Abaddon. I'd like to see a few fits.Can someone post this? ...2010.10.24 21:26:00
- I've contacted some of you and am still looking for a few more interested people before we decide. ...2009.06.08 02:56:00
- Thanks for your interest.I'm afraid you don't meet the requirements. Number of kills, Piracy & Grei ...2009.06.01 15:51:00
- I would like to hire a experienced FC to take a small gang on roams 3 times a week for two weeks. Fe ...2009.05.31 03:37:00
- I was under the impression that SLi effectively made 2 cards act as one. I do agree that getting on ...2009.03.15 13:59:00
- My FPS is garbage since Apoc came out and I'm shopping for a new system.For those that would know (I ...2009.03.14 23:33:00
- Which ship was removed from the game? ...2009.02.17 07:21:00
- I fly the Zealot quite a lot, but would like a stronger tank so I cam up with this fit for a Sacrile ...2009.02.17 01:59:00
- Amarr navy small neut Small NOS II x2Warp Disrupt II 1MN MWD II Tracking Disruptor II x2Overdrive ...2009.02.13 20:44:00
- I'm looking for some advice on the Sentinel.What skills(levels) and fittings are needed to pimp this ...2009.02.13 13:28:00

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