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- Bleh, with the help of a file manager app, I was able to find the location of the settings folder. ...2008.08.22 20:27:00
- Did you even play SWG?This does not come close.Most of us support the change. Sorry about your nano' ...2008.08.13 13:44:00
- "Kivin San" & "Yollande Wong" please. ...2008.07.27 18:03:00
- Lately, I've been hitting a lot of non-DED type Unknowns in 0.0 which are empty when I enter them. ...2008.06.24 22:54:00
- Edited by: Kivin San on 24/06/2008 22:20:01 First off, you really need to learn how to ask objectiv ...2008.06.24 22:18:00
- eve mimics gravity perfectly, its the RL engine that is messed upthis. ...2008.06.20 22:19:00
- Why?A better question would be: "Why would you care?"You're not trying to use Eve-Online as a dating ...2008.06.20 21:58:00
- The bottom line is that lenses have such high base damage out of the box that amarr ships almost hav ...2008.06.20 15:54:00
- 64km with scorch on an apoc Wishful thinking. 25 days for T2 guns, and I've got a veritable asstonn ...2008.06.02 21:27:00
- On an Apoc with BS V, I've got 21+10 with MF, 31+10 with XR, 50+10 with IR. Not amazing, but not te ...2008.06.02 21:14:00
- Hello. I'm looking for a change from the omnipresent, boring-ass Raven. I can't use T2 large guns ...2008.06.02 21:04:00
- I've been toiling over this for a little while now. I can't decide if I'd want an astrometric battl ...2008.05.29 18:45:00
- Edited by: Kivin San on 29/05/2008 18:28:37 As a financial adviser and investor by career, I would ...2008.05.29 18:28:00
- Blizzard implemented this in Warcraft, but I'd be interested to know if it did any little bit of goo ...2008.05.29 18:19:00
- To be honest, I've played Eve for two years and never knew this was even possible. But now that I k ...2008.05.29 18:12:00

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