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- You can either.. Hit 5.0 standing yourself, form a new corp, and wait 7 downtimes for your standing ...2011.01.14 03:28:00
- Short and simple: Can you unanchor mods while a tower is in reinforced mode? ...2011.01.13 08:12:00
- It's really hard to say. Removing killmails is a bit drastic. Making losses and kills anonymous mak ...2010.12.25 00:17:00
- ITT: Person who doesn't realize the amount of ISK you make increases vastly after the first couple ...2010.10.28 03:47:00
- tl;dr: Are torps effective in PVE still? I know the range is bad, but, if I am in range, will torps ...2010.10.27 00:30:00
- I am somewhat interested in wormhole exploration, but I have no idea what to expect in terms of isk ...2010.05.21 16:17:00
- Edited by: Atrei Capital on 17/05/2010 16:07:20 I personally have 2 RL friends that joined EVE for ...2010.05.17 16:06:00
- I think most PVP players got into EVE as a PVP game, advertised as such, with the harsh/unforgiving ...2010.05.17 15:56:00
- Edited by: Atrei Capital on 12/05/2010 17:24:04 I know I won't be fretting the loss of 100% insuran ...2010.05.12 17:23:00
- I worry that the excess minerals will not drop, simply because of attitudes and investments. Someon ...2010.05.12 17:11:00
- Edited by: Atrei Capital on 12/05/2010 17:05:12 There's going to be a wild ride on the minerals mar ...2010.05.12 17:03:00
- So, minerals/tech1 ships are already overproduced to the point where the only thing keeping a shred ...2010.05.12 16:52:00
- After further examination, my theory is that the person writing the wiki either 1) Was referring t ...2010.05.08 10:27:00
- Petitioned, but I won't bother trying.I'm 99% sure it'd be common knowledge if it was possible. ...2010.05.08 08:44:00
- According to EVEWiki... Cool down period: Using one the the above 3 ways to end a war, trigge ...2010.05.08 07:28:00

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