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- Edited by: Postlatta Mouseanon on 10/10/2008 11:00:15 Edited by: Postlatta Mouseanon on 10/10/2008 ...2008.10.10 10:58:00
- Just as an aside, to make a point, I'm testing three configs: Official Client, Crossover, and Wine.I ...2008.09.03 14:46:00
- Hey brainball what's it like to back the wrong horse? Also how often do we have to have this thread. ...2008.09.03 12:54:00
- I have to agree with the OP.Of course, I stopped using the Cedega client not long after release. I'v ...2008.09.03 10:48:00
- As far as I can see from the system monitor EVE is only using one core, although my system has two.I ...2008.02.19 15:41:00
- I played EvE years ago, regularly coming back to play for a few months every now and then. Unfortun ...2008.02.01 15:29:00
- ccp has consistenty nerfed the ways that people make isk in eve imho. back in the day the reason u c ...2007.12.19 03:09:00
- Hi guys, thanks for the info....But I sadly have to be critical here. Why.... would a stock Cedega i ...2007.12.19 02:49:00
- In theory, because OSX is essentially built around GCC, and the GNU userland, a company like this ...2007.12.14 14:58:00
- Cough ... nano .... Phhht.pico ...2007.12.13 22:56:00
- However, nobody is sure if the EVE client will co-exist with an existing Cegeda install as it's all ...2007.12.13 22:51:00
- I totally agree on this. I'm pretty sure u though of that but.Would the pay to port to opengl would ...2007.12.13 22:42:00
- I do love ya guys... I must... I send you money every month.But....I decided to uninstall the linux ...2007.12.13 17:19:00

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