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- wtb new TEARS spokesperson. This is unseemly, VP. Could you use your clown doll to show us where th ...2011.03.23 00:57:00
- Edited by: The Audithor on 19/03/2011 20:09:07 I bet Noir started their war just to rain on our par ...2011.03.22 01:11:00
- I bet Noir started their war just to rain on our parade. ...2011.03.18 16:42:00
- They aren't your fries until you eat them. ...2011.01.05 04:59:00
- If the game allows ambulation, I wonder how often we will have stories about pilots being lured into ...2010.05.21 17:58:00
- Dreed, whatever you try, please attempt it in Dodixie - it is the only way to strike fear in the hea ...2010.05.05 00:10:00
- Select a faction BS and fit it with faction or other expensive mods. Sit outside Dodixie m20. Try to ...2010.05.03 16:37:00
- When it comes to adapt or die, dying is easier. ...2010.05.03 01:06:00
- I promise to get this problem taken once and for all. I too look forward to an Eve without ninj ...2010.04.24 18:12:00
- Here's the merc industry as I see it:If you want mercs who fight cheap, hire Privateers. If you wan ...2010.02.04 20:06:00
- How did pirates get the opportunity to ransom you in 0.5 space? ...2010.01.29 02:19:00
- When did Greater Goon start holding space? ...2010.01.25 00:01:00
- If YOINKS ever gets hired to salvage a corp's missions, you might consider subcontracting that work ...2010.01.22 01:17:00
- O, I C. Relevance is the new meme. What happened to my Pepsi? If anyone has 17 mil, I need help. ...2010.01.21 19:34:00
- Is this what happens when you throw a war and no one shows up? Ninja edit: I was hoping we inspire ...2010.01.21 19:15:00

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