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- What kinda ships you would like? Superduper capitals to counter super capitals? Super titans? Mega ...2011.09.06 06:22:00
- Im sorry but I still enjoy Eve-online. I have been around since 2006. Done lowsec, null and highsec ...2011.09.06 05:51:00
- I can't wait till the players online is only 1, ME! Then all ORE in the universe shall be mine! ...2011.09.02 12:17:00
- It's not stupid who asks but the stupid is the one who pays. I don't really give a flying ****ck wha ...2011.06.23 06:52:00
- I would satisfy just to get corp logo to my ship. Also I have mentioned it before but there could b ...2011.03.14 12:43:00
- If you mine in highsec, keep your hulk tanked, perioid! Best way to make isk as a miner is to get i ...2011.03.09 12:13:00
- In nullsec, players create the content. if your corp / alliance is not organized well enough, it cou ...2011.03.07 08:18:00
- While we at it, why not just remove all JB's and stargates from 0.0. Make some random unstable wormh ...2011.03.02 12:23:00
- People?They are not people. They are crewmen, disposable assets. There's plenty more where they come ...2011.02.28 10:29:00
- I love eve because I have no life. ...2011.02.11 13:29:00
- I really don't care about this but if there MUST be some solution, just remove incurance payout if s ...2011.02.11 10:38:00
- Well I would like to see my corp logo on my rattlesnake and napoc. Maybe corporations CEO could des ...2011.02.11 10:14:00
- My proffession ingame?I do what ever I **** please. Why? Because I can! ...2011.02.08 15:19:00
- 1. No, Im not paying extra for my 3 accounts. I all ready pay 45 euros per month, that should cover ...2011.02.07 07:08:00
- Those unstable wormholes take you to milkyway and back and Sleepers are what humanity used to be. An ...2011.02.04 08:43:00

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