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- Why have you entered CS3 into the EVE is real competition? And why are you negatively posting about ...2011.08.31 20:03:00
- What does my corp get for single-handedly launching the EVE careers of thousands of membe ...2011.08.30 07:46:00
- B0RT is my noobcorp.Just sayin. ...2011.08.30 07:37:00
- For the glory of Dear Leader Montolio, CCP asked TEST to seize all activities CCP channels. It was ...2011.08.29 21:23:00
- Sorry man.Also, watchlisted. ...2011.08.29 21:06:00
- I have the exact same block list.Me too. ...2011.08.29 20:33:00
- T1 ammo can be very profitable, we made billions on it, you gotta be creative.The trick is to hurl i ...2011.08.11 11:32:00
- I'm not sure where to ask this, but I've been looking for a price checker to sell my character. Can ...2011.06.24 16:42:00
- Precisely. All a bomb does is track straight ahead for 7.5 seconds and explode, there is no tracking ...2011.05.20 20:22:00
- Cloaky campers always think they're the elite lords of pvp. They don't seem to realize, we don't ca ...2011.05.20 20:03:00
- I always thought before decloaking and launching, you're supposed to be aligned to a celestial and n ...2011.05.20 19:09:00
- DAY 11 UPDATEDSo, I came across this thread, then the blog, and thought to myself "My, this guy look ...2011.05.20 18:07:00
- You weren't even moving in my direction, ...2011.05.20 18:03:00
- Stealth viagra ad? ...2011.05.10 08:45:00
- Wait, Snot shot is Xenuria too? I knew it.I knew it. ...2011.05.10 08:40:00

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