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- New Topic | Reply to Topic or is itReply to Topic | New Topic ...2011.04.13 21:20:00
- Its low sec, being greeted in local is as good a reason as any to blow someone up. ...2011.04.01 23:36:00
- How to fix AFK cloaking.? Shoot them when they decloak. ...2011.03.30 21:38:00
- Wait wait wait?you have a pve char and a pvp char? Umm whats the difference between the two? in th ...2011.03.30 21:35:00
- So there I was in my nice safe and secure 0.0 dead end home, haplessly murdering NPCs by the bus loa ...2011.03.30 21:10:00
- file a petition. Stick it under harassment and they should get to you quick. Normally they gag the a ...2011.03.29 23:02:00
- PVP is ingrained into every aspect of this game. Mining in high security space is no exception. the ...2011.03.29 22:52:00
- Edited by: randomname4me on 25/03/2011 17:15:00 Expected consequences Some alliances will immediat ...2011.03.25 17:08:00
- The fun part is watching the rats killed count drop. After a few days it will start to climb back up ...2011.03.22 16:43:00
- I would like to direct your attention to my sig.For those of you with sigs disabled - Petition|Succe ...2011.03.22 15:52:00
- Jita would be down to about 200 inhabitants in about 30 minutesAlmost all of them being auto trade ...2011.03.21 23:46:00
- The other day, I decided that I was going to start a new character and skill him up primarily in min ...2011.03.18 02:45:00
- HTFU?/thread ...2011.03.15 20:54:00
- Either way, the entire game economy would benefit, which is a good thing.You and I are on the same p ...2011.03.08 21:36:00
- I've said it before and I'll say it again:Supercaps (ships that cannot doc) should require regular r ...2011.03.08 20:04:00

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