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- Same little pipe as Mara. Less busy. Got stations unlike Mara.I've found Aurohunen to be hard to get ...2010.07.15 21:05:00
- I call to you, C&P and every decent pilot out there. Lets put a bounty on Helicity. One so high that ...2010.07.15 15:13:00
- Rifter. Most versatile T1 frig. Can shield tank, armor tank, speed tank, dps tank.3 mids and 3 lows ...2010.07.14 19:11:00
- You guys don't sync losses from Solar Revenue Service onto your main alliance KB. Kills go up quickl ...2010.07.05 10:34:00
- It seems that Safari 5 can't be used to answer the Character Name challenge during login. Using Fire ...2010.06.30 13:32:00
- To fit T2 artillery on a thrasher is quite gimping. A full rack of T2 280s will use close to all the ...2010.06.18 19:47:00
- If you do it for the good fights, it can be way fun. As realyf said, popping interceptors in T1 frig ...2010.06.18 17:26:00
- Edited by: Ekrid on 31/05/2010 00:37:29alright, so tell me why people are always saying that even so ...2010.06.15 21:50:00
- Insider sources (Tipsy McStagger) inform me Blue Republic recently lost a T1 fit frigate in a ruthle ...2010.06.11 18:17:00
- Apart from selected super tight HAC/Recon/AF/Faction fits, not sure where it will help. Difference u ...2010.06.11 15:36:00
- Edited by: Urn Keller on 11/06/2010 15:30:27 PvP: Train all support to 3, perhaps some to 4 (Weapon ...2010.06.11 15:28:00
- I did racial frig V and racial turret V on my pure pvp alt. Did not regret it as I could T2 fit a SA ...2010.06.11 15:22:00
- How about 600 calibration and 3 rig slots if we're going to be all wishful thinking overpowered? ...2010.06.11 15:03:00
- I seem to be more active (and effective) using frig hull then your whole corp. I see what you want t ...2010.06.08 22:11:00
- Edited by: Urn Keller on 08/06/2010 21:15:55 EDIT: Sorry for slight necro.Your PVP Incursus fit is ...2010.06.08 21:15:00

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