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- Edited by: Sturdy Girl on 13/01/2011 19:43:16 You're gonna get flamed for this.I'm gonna opt to be ...2011.01.13 19:39:00
- New forums have been announced in latest DevBlog... tied to Eve Gate.They have an improved search fe ...2011.01.13 19:07:00
- Edited by: Sturdy Girl on 16/01/2010 18:25:04 I'd sooner see some of hisec removed, and some of los ...2010.01.16 18:24:00
- Your waist line, fatty! ...2010.01.04 23:57:00
- Jericho...Since it makes no difference if the bonus giver is on the same grid or elsewhere in the sy ...2010.01.03 19:21:00
- Perhaps, but it musn't be a list of all ships (eg, you can only spy on one hangar at a time) and it ...2010.01.03 16:42:00
- Edited by: Sturdy Girl on 02/01/2010 15:23:56 I can't be the only one that really appreciates Jeric ...2010.01.02 15:20:00
- how is this griefing? they were just trying to make some isk. did they get any good loot? pretty aw ...2010.01.02 15:01:00
- I like the idea, but I would prefer to see it as an extension to the current war-dec mechanics.Eg, w ...2009.12.31 13:05:00
- I like the idea of aliases... not so much so that I can change my name (although that is the most ob ...2009.12.31 12:27:00
- Where exactly does CCP state that...:1. providing fleet command bonuses to a pilot should get you fl ...2009.12.31 11:23:00
- I know this idea has been done to death, but I really feel that with a complete rethink of how scann ...2009.12.28 15:00:00
- I'm tempted to say "cool story bro". Don't be.. it isn't.. When has it ever been? ...2009.12.25 11:52:00
- 'Tis the season! ...2009.12.25 11:43:00
- Edited by: Sturdy Girl on 24/12/2009 21:26:13 Could optimal range and falloff be added to the toolt ...2009.12.24 21:23:00

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