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- Being camped in station sucks.. so I find myself wondering what I could do to pass the time. So I s ...2010.05.17 18:12:00
- The Nightmare is wickedly awesome for Amarr space missions. It makes a great alternative to the Pal ...2010.05.04 17:26:00
- When I think of PVE ships, I think of a few things...I think of big guns with horrible tracking/expl ...2010.05.04 16:48:00
- This would be fun, but I severely doubt it would ever get implemented.Option A) The weapon is really ...2010.05.04 16:13:00
- 1) Iteron 1, followed closely by Iteron 2. Why on earth would someone use these when a better ship ...2010.05.04 15:28:00
- I am attempting to do L3 missions at 5.5 mill SPRunning with a pimpped deadspace fit Cynabal but I ...2010.05.04 04:13:00
- I've gotten to the point that I see all those low slots as heat sinks, tracking mods, and maybe even ...2010.05.04 03:56:00
- Edited by: Veritaal on 29/04/2010 01:03:22 Vexor can fit a bigger tank (2 1600s is possible I think ...2010.04.29 01:02:00
- Check out Taru sometime. Not only is there a Q20 agent within 5 jumps of a major trade hub, it give ...2010.04.28 04:06:00
- Thanks for the suggestions everyone! After doing some research and some mix/matching, I managed to ...2010.04.28 03:52:00
- After using my laptop for 4.5 years, I am finally done with college and I am ready to settle down wi ...2010.04.27 19:32:00
- has anyone wondered what the OP has on his hard drives?I always wonder what's on some peoples' HDDs. ...2010.04.27 19:13:00
- Edited by: Veritaal on 27/04/2010 18:36:05 Destruction of a hard drive isn't hard at all. We are t ...2010.04.27 18:33:00
- I always thought it would be cool to have a Jovian death squad jump in during a fleet engagement. I ...2010.04.27 17:47:00
- If they had the brains to grasp your ship is actively tanked, they'd had brought one or two frigs ...2010.04.26 13:59:00

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