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- Seriously CCP WTF? Instead of focusing on the major problems eve has, i mean S E R I O U S L Y? ...2010.09.20 21:13:00
- Hello guys,So i copied the CCP folder installation into another drive and when i launch it asked for ...2010.06.01 21:39:00
- Hello, I am still stuck on the incompatible procolo, i copied a fesh copy of the eve install and the ...2010.06.01 21:02:00
- BIG!!!UP!! Cheerio ...2010.06.01 13:53:00
- Hello yall, ill say around 18:00, sharp, unless hell breaks loose and Tyrannis is reverted! ...2010.05.26 16:46:00
- Hello guys, can someone help me with the jita price tag on buy order for the Hardwiring - Zainou 'gn ...2010.02.02 12:15:00
- What is goat supposed to mean?You need a LOT of isk to successfully run an alliance, but not JUST is ...2009.12.17 15:08:00
- Hello guys and good post btw. I have tried several corps in the past 4 months and both been good onl ...2009.12.17 14:46:00
- Edited by: Sidious Spartan on 16/12/2009 17:27:29 Do you have a public channel? ...2009.12.16 17:27:00
- Hello,Can i ask, which of the resident corps/allis in the region? Also, is PVP a 24/7 basis? Thanks. ...2009.12.16 15:49:00
- Hello and thanks for tunning in.Last night i used my tengu fully fit for recon with an interdiction ...2009.11.18 19:49:00
- Hello and greetings,I recently applied to join your corporoation, please evaluate it, thanks. Look f ...2009.09.16 11:30:00
- Hello and greetings, I am a US time zone player which logs almost everyday after 23:00 eve time. My ...2009.09.15 15:43:00
- Greetings,Thanks for your contribution to the eve community, this website is my bible thru the unive ...2009.08.13 14:50:00
- Edited by: Sidious Spartan on 05/08/2009 14:22:21 Is anyone having the same problem that i am getti ...2009.08.05 14:21:00

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