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- Go Straight and the Beatmix version from Streets of Rage 2.Nerdy I know, but chiptunes are FOTM for ...2008.12.03 00:59:00
- Is the vent getting plenty of air? If your sitting it on your lap or something soft like a pillow, E ...2008.11.29 23:38:00
- Worth it for added "Oh shi-" moments when people see a specific ship warp in. True, a ship will only ...2008.11.29 23:34:00
- There can be only one Veldnaught. All Hail. ...2008.11.29 21:43:00
- Out of pure interest (because the abilities of a ship are of more concern to me than the size) have ...2008.11.29 21:03:00
- Edited by: Rook Highwind on 29/11/2008 13:05:40the real way to show the size difference is put a Rok ...2008.11.29 13:05:00
- No. EVE does not have any anti-macro measures that kick people from the game other than petitioning. ...2008.11.28 15:25:00
- Wasn't quite sure where to put this, but anyway. When I show info on a drone in-game, the damage out ...2008.11.28 06:03:00
- PvP. 0.0 politics. Forum whoring. Listen to this guy. The forum whoring can even go as far as to he ...2008.11.24 07:02:00
- I'd honestly like to see these kinds of upgrade to weapons physics, but we're talking another few ye ...2008.11.23 19:36:00
- This has been suggested numerous times, with various different additional clauses to try and prevent ...2008.11.23 19:06:00
- All the cool names of real birds have already been used, that leaves us with mythological. Of cours ...2008.11.23 16:13:00
- Gunnery support skills, all of them. At least until I can hit worth a damn, or get bored and move on ...2008.11.23 11:59:00
- schlongpit Huzzah for censor evasion . I shall use this word exclusively on EVE-O forums from now o ...2008.11.21 20:50:00
- What it says on can: currently there is only one text-type search term in the Assets search window, ...2008.11.21 20:42:00

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