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- can you provide a link to this email? That's what this thread is for...I'd warn others to consider ...2011.06.26 02:41:00
- While I'm not advocating the removal of T2 BPO's, I don't think the suggestion that there is no mark ...2010.03.18 00:01:00
- Edited by: Jovialmadness on 16/03/2010 22:30:34 Actually happened.Economics professor and his class ...2010.03.17 01:48:00
- So, as I look around online I find one thing over and over: The hyperion is the worst all around bat ...2010.03.17 01:07:00
- I'd say it depends on what you're hauling. If you have Gal Indy IV, the wee bit more cargo space in ...2010.02.21 01:21:00
- I have some reading to do! Once again, many thanks! ...2009.11.29 00:54:00
- (Conversion Overview, Continued)HANDLING THE PROBLEM TABLE - trnTranslations(1) Optional: Delete th ...2009.11.28 23:03:00
- on the new machine, the whole mssql->mysql->(pgsql,sqlite) process including bzipping the output tak ...2009.11.28 22:56:00
- I really don't understand the extent of the emorage here. Yes CCP is going to tax players in NPC co ...2009.09.23 01:08:00
- Quite frankly, the proposed mechanic won't affect me much. The only reason for my alts to run missi ...2009.09.22 02:35:00
- You've made your position quite clear: You want a win button for the market. You want to be able t ...2009.05.27 04:18:00
- Eve's "Market" works under a broker system, what you both hint or outright imply doing would stop it ...2009.05.25 15:34:00
- Profit margins are good...but only if you can get them. As things stand, a chimp banging on a keybo ...2009.05.24 20:25:00
- Well, as for the waste inherent in invention, the answer there is easy. CCP was faced with an insta ...2009.04.28 03:13:00
- Edited by: Jarod Leercap on 27/04/2009 02:50:39 Simply having separate entries in invTypes for BPO' ...2009.04.27 02:50:00

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