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- Title should read 'Low Sec' rather than Nullsec. Away from the contested areas, inside secured 0.0 i ...2011.05.16 09:45:00
- Pilgrim > curse here, as you're going to need to be close up and he'll run when he sees a curse a mi ...2011.05.04 09:31:00
- Seriously, just let this thread die already. OP is either delusional or trolling, either way its not ...2011.05.04 09:27:00
- Dominix, Typhoon, Loki, and Myrmidon are all incredibly versatile ships. Despite the Gallente being ...2011.05.04 09:24:00
- OP presented his argument very poorly, but his basic point is on the money -- the Drake is overpower ...2011.05.01 21:24:00
- 1600mm plate fits with 5 electrons and and RCU, substitue T1/named where necessary.5x Heavy Electron ...2011.04.28 09:00:00
- Edited by: Berendas on 24/04/2011 15:57:55 Edited by: Berendas on 24/04/2011 15:21:20 ECM has many ...2011.04.24 15:57:00
- Edited by: Berendas on 24/04/2011 15:21:20 ECM has many countersFOF's. Drones. ECCM. ECM. Damps. Ne ...2011.04.24 15:21:00
- What is this... I don't even ...2011.04.21 00:42:00
- Friendly bump, this topic deserves at least a little more attention that it is getting. ...2011.04.21 00:21:00
- This is in no way a groundbreaking idea, it has been suggested so many times that I've lost count an ...2011.04.20 16:56:00
- I have both, but I trained Gallente Cruiser 5 first which was a big waste of time. Of the two I have ...2011.04.20 16:50:00
- Gallente ships need love. ...2011.04.20 16:05:00
- MMORPG's players are quite easy to retain or make them run away but the easier is to never make them ...2011.04.20 16:02:00
- Just got finished downloading the ~4gb patch for Duality, but I get the (incompatible) (release) ser ...2011.04.20 15:51:00

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