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- Hello eve folks,Please help me decide in what hardware to use since i am out of game for about 3 mon ...2011.07.15 05:39:00
- This seems to be fixed for now, please close this thread. ...2011.04.12 18:14:00
- I reported this back in 2009 and got a confirmation that this was fixed... obviously it was not for ...2011.04.12 18:10:00
- For the past few days I've suffered from extremely slow connections and huge lag, anyone else suffer ...2011.04.11 15:36:00
- with patch I have a CCP folder size of: 7,86 GB (8449487074 bytes) ...2011.04.06 17:49:00
- Counterpoint: You're in PLAdmit it, even if Mittens and CSM6 cured cancer you guys would paint him a ...2011.04.06 10:22:00
- Edited by: Lady Isabell on 03/04/2011 13:14:45 so I was browsing the forums today and came a cross ...2011.04.03 13:14:00
- having listened to ******ed nc fc's, supertwinkey, shadoo, and many others, dnsblack is the only voi ...2011.03.18 22:18:00
- The problem with titan AoE was that if you had more than 23 of them you could DD capital fleets. Any ...2011.03.18 11:05:00
- sent to: Your character Lady Isabell has successfully placed a sell order for the EVE Time Code sla ...2011.03.17 15:04:00
- Just by changing one menu item you knocked out a lot of macro users. If you randomized every menu ev ...2011.01.31 16:53:00
- This thread.... ...2011.01.19 17:31:00
- I wanted to create a huge logo on my ships saying 'F U CCP' Now all my dreams are shattered and I w ...2010.11.22 18:40:00
- I want to thank everyone past and present who has been in Chooch Inc. Today we celebrate 3 years as ...2010.11.18 18:11:00
- and my vuvuzela! ...2010.09.14 19:03:00

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