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- I went on a 7 month vacation to Afghanistan. ...2010.10.18 02:57:00
- Happy B-day guys!Still remember the fun we had in BWF when I came back to the game(for the 4th time) ...2010.03.14 09:25:00
- If at all possible... stick to the 1.5mil bounty and up. They give the best increase, with 1.85's gi ...2009.12.30 12:57:00
- I'll give yah 20isk! ...2009.12.30 07:34:00
- 1590 / 53 Interceptor hah... i know atleast 4 of the losses were minelove you guys! keep going f ...2009.12.26 06:48:00
- Which god do i need to pray to to get a Rollback all the way to Red Moon Rising? RMR?! Roll that ...2009.09.19 07:49:00
- TL:DRFake Edit: I honestly have no idea what you're trying to say here ...2009.09.18 03:52:00
- Shield booster + cap power relay = bad. In case you didn't read the item description, they reduce yo ...2009.08.14 21:45:00
- I hereby grace this thread with my presence and declare these guys sorta cool. Now if only Hera wou ...2009.07.20 02:38:00
- Edited by: BlackHawk177 on 20/05/2009 23:50:56 Have fun in the Navy, you can make sure my ship does ...2009.05.20 23:50:00
- I support this product and/or person. ...2008.01.03 22:08:00
- 6x t2 torps, 2x remote reps or neuts MWD, scram, painter, 3x t2 multies 3x bcu, 2x ECM strenght bo ...2007.12.22 09:51:00
- now thats a very, very twisted way of reaching NirvanaI agree 100% great story ...2007.12.17 19:38:00
- First!! Where's the mods!? he's spamming tbh, and I demand they remove it like they do to us. :P ...2007.12.17 19:30:00
- *snip - Please no politics, Cortes* ...2007.12.17 07:40:00

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