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- If you take someone on who has been in 50 corps in 6 months you deserve what you get. ...2011.09.09 03:33:00
- I remember back in the day we had fights galore with our 2-4 man gangs in low sec. Then these pedoph ...2011.09.07 20:50:00
- *****? ...2011.08.30 23:50:00
- Because I don't fly Falcons? ...2011.08.30 02:21:00
- When I was pirating around I didn't have implants because I lost them all the time and so I lost out ...2011.08.29 16:45:00
- I use +4s for throwaway clones, but to each their own.Notice they are halo implants not straight up ...2011.08.29 16:39:00
- Ever heard of combat clones chitlin? ...2011.08.29 16:35:00
- Ladies and gentlemen. It has been a long hard road and a long time coming but this day I have hit 10 ...2011.08.29 16:20:00
- I would like to give this theft the GHSC seal of approval. Fine work. ...2011.08.20 20:39:00
- I got some faction POS stuff I can sell ya. Fell off a truck. ...2011.08.20 03:48:00
- I just want to emphasize that according to this correct and amazing database I am incredibly trustwo ...2011.08.19 20:40:00
- If you would like to hire our special services let me know. You will have to raise the rate though. ...2011.08.19 03:06:00
- Edited by: Kumq uat on 19/08/2011 03:03:40 About time it was verified I am a trust worthy person in ...2011.08.19 03:03:00
- I never had an issue with them and know several of them quite well who run it. In all the years you ...2011.08.18 03:51:00
- Not like you actually get kills Siig. It was more like your eve mail flashed when your loot pinata b ...2011.08.13 18:30:00

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