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- Yeah i always wondered about that, kinda annoying when fc broadcasts targets and you cant lock it in ...2009.04.08 21:35:00
- I like the sneaky new update, but it still leaves blackops pretty useless for their cost. For the mo ...2009.04.08 21:33:00
- I hope by cheaper bombs you mean really really cheaper as in like 200k per bomb type of cheaper. Tor ...2009.04.08 21:29:00
- Im on the boat with SDA being just ranged boost, Im primarily ecmer (yeah one of those nasty falcon ...2009.04.08 21:27:00
- you sertainly did lol ...2009.04.08 21:22:00
- yeah been doin that for an hour now, anyone got any idea when its coming back online? ...2009.02.19 09:54:00
- omg I had this nice idea, typed it by the time i was done my login timed out so it didnt post, so im ...2009.02.18 21:49:00
- Edited by: Strike Valheru on 18/02/2009 19:22:35 Well if you get the "emergency warp" button - I, t ...2009.02.18 19:18:00
- Yeah, you guys need to keep up to date on stuff. Next pach black ops can open covert cyno in jammed ...2009.01.26 21:09:00
- What I am wondering is this, 64 alliances right... 500mil each... right thats 32bil. Reward comes ou ...2009.01.14 21:45:00
- yeah, there are few: 1. Get skills for marauder with good weapon skills (if not maxed) and just cha ...2009.01.14 19:28:00
- Edited by: Strike Valheru on 07/01/2009 22:18:45 Well I live in 0.0 so I though one day "hmm gona t ...2009.01.07 22:14:00
- woodinville/redmond border here ...2008.03.19 21:54:00
- alright thanks that worked also for those not able to connect: check firewall settings, if already ...2008.03.07 20:22:00
- when I try to connect to irc i get: Connect retry #1 (6669) (dns pool) - * Unab ...2008.03.07 20:15:00

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