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- Besides which, the very concept of "attribute" skills is just preposterous.If you could actually tak ...2010.10.05 01:02:00
- CCP 18 Months ...2010.09.30 05:27:00
- Edited by: Shwedagon Paya on 21/09/2010 23:42:10 1) Where does the pilots experience with the ships ...2010.09.21 23:41:00
- Edited by: Shwedagon Paya on 20/09/2010 20:42:14 In the immortal words of Madmartigan..." Trolls!" ...2010.09.20 20:40:00
- Oh... I get it.Well, I support that too. Anything to make the UI easier to use and less cluttered! ...2010.09.20 19:09:00
- Edited by: Shwedagon Paya on 20/09/2010 17:50:12 ...or maybe Eve University.http://img713.imageshac ...2010.09.20 17:49:00
- Come on, man."Firesale"? "I don't have any contract slots left"? Trading for something amazingly che ...2010.09.20 17:37:00
- Supported, but will probably never happen.I would love to have 2-3 monitors with the outer space vie ...2010.09.20 17:12:00
- Hulkageddon is in fact an initiative masterminded by the owners of Hulk BPOs, using macro miners as ...2010.09.20 01:24:00
- Ahh yes, the mythical macro Hulks. I think these fabled beasts exist in much smaller numbers than th ...2010.09.19 20:59:00
- Players using local chat to determine if a hostile is potentially hunting them has no counter.Take ...2010.09.19 20:33:00
- There should be risk in empire to force haulers to choose between expanders or hardeners, for exampl ...2010.09.19 20:19:00
- Playing on a 13" inch laptop in windowed mode, Beat that.A proper PvP overview would take up the en ...2010.09.19 20:11:00
- If CCP got rid of insurance subsidies for the high-sec gankers, CCP would have to implement some oth ...2010.09.19 19:49:00
- Maybe so, but it wasting money on building a non-solution to a problem that doesn't actually even ex ...2010.09.19 19:40:00

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