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- Big things comes in small packages! Here at trauma we favor quality over quantity and it shows. If y ...2011.03.10 19:38:00
- We do! We are seriously interested in getting you onboard, give us a few weeks at least and we can e ...2010.09.19 05:12:00
- Edited by: caloon on 18/09/2010 09:13:24 Yo gall check us out man we are noob friendly bro, everyon ...2010.09.18 09:12:00
- Edited by: caloon on 18/09/2010 08:49:24 The whistles go wooooo wooooooo!!!!!! Just got smokedWe'v ...2010.09.18 08:49:00
- Edited by: caloon on 13/09/2010 08:42:14 Whatup clone, Hydro is looking for some killers of your ki ...2010.09.13 08:40:00
- Had a little run in with some baddies today, was a fun engagment!killboard ...2010.09.12 07:36:00
- Today was a bit of a thrill we headed out to do a 10/10 plex and we ended up fighting the same gang ...2010.09.10 06:42:00
- Whats up lokaal? Got alot to offer there lets see if we can match it up a lil bit.Lets see a bit abo ...2010.09.09 09:58:00
- Wam bam thank you..... ...2010.09.08 20:55:00
- We are still hard at work, come down and join us for some fun or stop by The Smoker's Lounge. We'll ...2010.09.07 09:09:00
- Edited by: caloon on 05/09/2010 12:45:56 Hey dave sounds like hydro might be the place for you man. ...2010.09.05 12:38:00
- This is how we get it done. ...2010.09.05 11:08:00
- Tyrell made me the eve player iam today, this is where i got my start and stayed for over 2 years! G ...2010.09.05 05:11:00
- Still rocking out in syndicate and getting some good fights! Stop on by the pub channel and hit us u ...2010.09.02 22:19:00
- Do Or Die! ...2010.08.29 08:27:00

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