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- this is hilarious, but is down wth man that's not cool t:mad: ...2009.12.03 13:15:00
- aughwhen mittani was axing about moroi I should have put two and two together and sold him minecash ...2009.09.23 08:07:00
- I'd like to thank Rem for showing fnln his dilz, we couldn't have made it without you. I'd also like ...2009.09.02 10:59:00
- for their transgression Sigma Squad has been kicked from GoonswarmSigma Squad is a social group with ...2009.08.31 11:11:00
- hey guess what...?you're going to defend that r64? ...2009.08.27 12:12:00
- My idea is to create a corporation role that allows / disallows combat between other corp members. ...2009.08.12 06:12:00
- why the hell is the OP post so w i d e ?I have to scroll sideways----------------------------------- ...2009.08.10 10:23:00
- don't drink & drive amarr ...2009.08.03 13:29:00
- makes sense ...2009.07.27 06:04:00
- How come that Catch, Impass and Feythabolis is not on the list? I'm really dissapointed note he sai ...2009.07.22 14:15:00
- :goons:Making CAOD worse than it already was, one post at a time.I'm sorry my littel pubbie friend b ...2009.07.22 08:08:00
- what is it with you guys and lolcats? they are dumb children that's what ...2009.07.22 05:58:00
- ok for real?Who the hell calls somebody at home over a video game? thats just dumb. its stuff like t ...2009.07.17 11:49:00
- They got gneeznow that is why.gneeznow owns deal with it ...2009.07.17 11:43:00
- Democracy of Klingon Brothers is so a Pubbiemon I mean come ON!!! ...2009.07.14 08:35:00

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