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- depending on skills i might buy for more then 1b so link and we will see =) also convo me in game. ...2011.07.19 03:26:00
- has alot of skills lol. but you can look there. i have t2 assualt and regular. i have t2 torps. t2 ...2011.02.01 14:09:00
- i need a 100m isk loan anyone able to help? ...2010.12.11 14:39:00
- for the SP she has she is a great pilot for anyone wanting to move into amarr ships. and i know its ...2010.12.08 13:07:00
- debating on selling her as either i sell or she goes inac ...2010.12.08 11:59:00
- Ok I gotta say is that I don't mind waiting for any of it so long as the noctis comes out in nov pat ...2010.11.12 20:20:00
- thanks now all i gotta do is get the skills up more and make him a little more on the crushing of th ...2010.11.01 02:40:00
- yes they are lol im working on them as we speak lols...electronic-dissolution sequencer defensive-a ...2010.11.01 02:12:00
- Edited by: jumbojohnny on 01/11/2010 02:15:36 ok well here is the fit and as for skills ill link my ...2010.11.01 02:03:00
- ok so here i have a problem. i cant figure out what is better i have t2 heavy assaults and i have t1 ...2010.11.01 01:46:00
- last chance to make an offer or i withdraw char for a few more months. i really wanna sell him ...2010.08.15 15:22:00
- cant view the char its pass protected. ...2010.08.15 14:50:00
- hey so yea im online again and ready whenever you all are to make a trade or a sale ...2010.08.15 14:48:00
- 5 billion lowest ill go =) ...2010.08.15 03:13:00
- 5.5 billion mabe? ...2010.08.15 03:07:00

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