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- is this service still available?Yes it is.....went through some RL issues....but we're back!!RT ...2011.06.01 07:05:00
- Bumpy bump....RT ...2011.06.01 07:01:00
- More BPCs have been put up in contract.Latest BPO added in our library is the Thanatos BPO effeciien ...2011.03.06 19:11:00
- Still looking for interested candidates......Please note that you don't need to move the JF pilot to ...2011.03.05 09:40:00
- Vacancy for the JF pilot is still open. Contact me in game if you're interested.RT ...2011.03.02 00:11:00
- JF pilot still me ingame if you think you have what it takes :)RT ...2011.02.27 23:24:00
- Dear all,I am pleased to announce that Dk-CI has a vacancy for a new JF pilot. If you're interested, ...2011.02.19 00:15:00
- hurricane BPO sold but a Stabber BPO has been added.pleas contact me in game if you have questionsRT ...2011.02.16 22:26:00
- BPOs still for sale. ...2011.02.02 21:21:00
- Hurricane BPO, and others, still for sale.RT ...2011.01.30 22:35:00
- Edited by: Mocha Jane on 26/01/2011 14:10:51 I need a small custom research job:1 x Titanium dibori ...2011.01.27 00:36:00
- <<NEW>> Researched Hurricane BPO added for sale (430M)...grab it while still hot!RT ...2011.01.26 08:30:00
- UP WE GOHauling yr stuff through hostile space for 2 years.RT ...2011.01.21 10:04:00
- some BPOs still for sale (recently added 2 caracal BPOs). Copying slots are currently all taken for ...2011.01.21 10:02:00
- More Noctis BPCs have just been put in contracts...same location same price.BPOs still for sale - a ...2011.01.18 23:37:00

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