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- Nice Crackzilla, thanks for the info.Blackbirds are cheap like the budgie and fun to fly. You will n ...2009.05.29 02:42:00
- Just a note that I made a little program that might help when using EFT and ECM ships. It predicts t ...2009.05.27 23:53:00
- Hi All, I have created a little application that I've been using to predict ECM probability of succe ...2009.05.15 03:14:00
- Looking at the bomb prices i see that there around 6mil... so you recon I shop around and wait they ...2009.05.13 01:47:00
- I was ready somewhere that the bombs are to become cheaper? Is this true? I can not find anything in ...2009.05.08 05:05:00
- ∉ << this is what he meant?HAHAHA at Asian comment! ...2009.05.07 06:25:00
- Merin Ryskin: love the Falcon name, very creative. ...2009.05.07 05:50:00
- Strange that I have tried everything and still can not get this to work... Windows will be my number ...2009.05.06 05:01:00
- I agree. Just when you get into something the servers shut off. ...2009.04.28 02:26:00
- Can anyone tell me if you can use Microwarp drives in the scanned area's within an uncharted system? ...2009.04.28 01:25:00
- This is a setup i use sometimes. Overdrive Injector System II Overdrive Injector System IIAnalyzer ...2009.04.17 01:58:00
- Thanks already found and posted... ...2007.11.09 14:26:00
- I have the same issue everyone else is having my log can be found at: .zip"] ...2007.11.09 13:45:00
- Can't seem to get the client working..... I also get this error when running eve from console:Singl ...2007.11.09 13:13:00

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