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- Great corp so far, really friendly and excellent help in such a short time!You can really tell they ...2008.12.19 09:23:00
- *prod* ...2007.02.21 12:53:00
- Check out the thread below. We have dedicated tacklers who can teach you the ropes or if you are alr ...2007.02.13 13:14:00
- Had some good questions from people in game. Updated Post accordingly. We haven't reached our quota ...2007.02.13 13:12:00
- Check out my thread in the link below. You sound perfect for FSJ, established in 2003, we are V. exp ...2007.02.13 00:58:00
- 2003 established corp with many original members still playing today, check my linky below to get so ...2007.02.13 00:52:00
- Have a look at our recruitment thread also matey :)any more info on what exactly it is that you want ...2007.02.13 00:51:00
- come say hello in 'the falls' then check out my thread below, you will find FSJ is perfect for what ...2007.02.12 19:24:00
- Check out the thread at the bottom of this post. Could be just what your looking for :) ...2007.02.12 19:02:00
- We have what you're looking for in Fallschirmjager. Give the link below a clicky clicky and get in c ...2007.02.12 12:31:00
- Give our thread a peruse :) its cleverly disguised in the link below (yarr). We fit teh bill well, h ...2007.02.12 12:27:00
- Join us or ill cry :)thats what i call incentive! ...2007.02.12 12:22:00
- Check our recruitment thread, its the nuts. Because i posted it :Dbut seriously, with your backgroun ...2007.02.12 12:19:00
- Stop demeaning my authority Mini :PCome now don't be shy people ^^ ...2007.02.12 12:15:00
- Edited by: Korram Indicus on 13/02/2007 13:07:20 Edited by: Korram Indicus on 11/02/2007 16:52:06 ...2007.02.11 16:50:00

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