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- I do guess that this is for the best as well, however, i am quite interested in knowing how did you ...2011.02.03 20:41:00
- Fingers crossed bought a couple! ...2010.12.31 01:57:00
- Currently on Sisi if you take control of POS structures the ship UI vanishes but the structure UI do ...2010.09.06 17:08:00
- TBH at this stage anything that brings this saga to an end has my vote (if there was a vote that is) ...2010.09.06 16:51:00
- Just for information was the Bleep thing the promised (1-2 weeks) update or is that still to come? ...2010.08.21 21:23:00
- I feel that many of the current issues (including rockets assault ships etc.) stem from CCP's seemin ...2010.07.13 22:59:00
- This was totally worth creating a thread. Really. It was. Seriously. Hexx after your fantastic hand ...2010.06.27 11:15:00
- I call shenanigans on this. I am fed up hearing people go on about 'small gang' warfare and 'provib ...2010.06.01 22:18:00
- Probably not in time for dominion but we are working on it.In other words - it probably will not be ...2010.05.22 09:58:00
- Edited by: Genocide Machine on 21/05/2010 13:30:29 CCP, Let me try and sum up what people have bee ...2010.05.21 14:20:00
- So let me get this straight, you havent bothered at all trying to fix assault ships or rockets but y ...2010.05.20 21:52:00
- IMO we have not really broken any promise as when we state the issue is deferred, its deferred with ...2010.05.17 18:09:00
- Hurray - now you have time to fix rockets. assault ships etc. ...2010.05.14 22:00:00
- Fair enough but what about that other technique for staying safe forever in a system i.e. get to a s ...2010.04.13 16:21:00
- So we can get any word from CCP if a rocket fix is even being looked at for Tyranis?Current rumours ...2010.04.02 13:30:00

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