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- yes thank you ccp for making the learning skillpoints i invested in PI totally useless i now wish i ...2011.01.19 00:49:00
- Edited by: Huhni on 02/12/2010 02:12:35 zenton how have you been in about 10 diff corps part of ama ...2010.12.02 02:12:00
- Glad to hear they were only bait. Sorry to see you lost them. Better luck in the future. ...2010.12.02 02:09:00
- i see your problem, you are comparing CVA with NC. well best of luck to you then. ...2010.12.02 01:30:00
- Do not use your capital ships, they will be destroyed, NC. and Evoke live withing 1 cyno from all of ...2010.12.02 00:21:00
- out of 1560 how many were in station? i mean how does that compare when having 1000+ ppl in system a ...2010.08.23 23:48:00
- fine the SCs jumped out, so what about all the ppl who spent time shooting the "SCs that jumped out" ...2010.06.25 16:31:00
- BUMP waiting for update from CCP, we still havnt forgotten. Even with free skill points and ships co ...2010.06.25 03:34:00
- they clearly are void of airbubbles because cubes are so clear, so either reusable cubes like was sa ...2010.06.19 20:52:00
- im guessing yes, if they do they will be unstoppable. unless setup is made especially to stop them.. ...2010.06.19 20:28:00

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