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- I was a newb in a Rifter back when I first joined IAC.It was appaling because even from my lowly per ...2011.03.12 09:06:00
- Somer + Chribba = secure :DBought my ticket, never done one of these lottos before. ...2011.03.04 08:14:00
- Same problem. I petitioned a GM, and they said to reset the cache, after that didn't work they said ...2011.02.07 07:21:00
- Thanks to the guy who suggested getting the C++ redistribute. That's what fixed the problem for me. ...2011.01.24 02:29:00
- Nevermind, found the solution on another thread. If you have an ExeFile that hangs in processes aft ...2011.01.24 02:26:00
- Here's what happens: 1) I start eve, I see the splash screen that has the Incursion logo. 2) ExeFi ...2011.01.24 01:40:00
- Reading the article about walking in stations and seeing it on youtube inspired me.1. Corporate Adve ...2008.09.19 11:42:00

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