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- Cute Cuddly Ponies ...2011.07.14 21:36:00
- I think mine is better:User: Ok, so, what are your goals?Cleverbot: To go to collage. To move out. T ...2010.11.24 21:05:00
- So I'm guessing its a bad thing that I've never once changed my passwords since I started playing. ...2010.11.19 18:13:00
- Should be a very good read, /me goes to read it ...2010.04.19 15:00:00
- Argh Bioshock 2. Don't get me started on Bioshock 2. It is an atrocity of a game, whose very exist ...2010.03.22 21:30:00
- Rivet gun useless? I used that nearly the entire game, shock 'em then head shot. It fires as fast ...2010.03.22 18:43:00
-;re ...2010.03.22 06:18:00
- Skillet, a band named after a frying pan. ...2010.03.22 06:00:00
- Well if you don't mind going a little bit old school, you could try Anarchy Online. It has some qui ...2010.03.22 05:54:00
- yep, yrc./me crys ...2010.03.21 18:09:00
- No, Tyrannis won't do anything to attract new players. I will only add to Eve's continuing slide in ...2010.03.21 16:50:00
- I hear that spamming contracts and giving away ISK in Jita local is a great way to make some extra s ...2010.03.21 16:37:00
- ...I'm guessing that CCP might even hire a fashion designer for the process of making clothes in EVE ...2010.03.21 16:24:00
- Edited by: Ci Seepy on 21/03/2010 16:13:48 /me wonders if the lock is inbound on this thread too.. ...2010.03.21 16:13:00
- Edited by: Ci Seepy on 21/03/2010 16:00:35 You could also add each of the wormhole space environmen ...2010.03.21 15:53:00

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