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- last time i was looking for a corp, my mail box got spammed with C&P from the forum. it works both w ...2011.02.27 13:24:00
- Character transferred. Enjoy in 10 hours ...2011.02.25 07:56:00
- you sure? I have both at lvl 5.... hmmmmmm, eft gone crazy on me maybe ...2011.02.25 07:18:00
- i put this together in eftIt is ok? Gyrostabilizer II Gyrostabilizer II Damage Control II10MN Mic ...2011.02.25 00:12:00
- Hmmm, a cloaky loki, not sure ...2011.02.24 02:11:00
- Hi, just wondering the best kind of setup for low sec pirating. Maybe being used solo in belts as we ...2011.02.24 01:32:00
- I hope when i die I can have my brain transferred to my eve character and live forever in EVE.... ...2011.02.20 04:51:00
- i think they made the game lag something awful. but trails looked damn good. screw game balance, n ...2011.02.20 04:46:00
- If you gave me 100 mil ISK, I would send double that amount back! ...2011.02.20 04:43:00
- His Reserve is 2.6B ISK? You miss that? Nice starting char btw ...2011.02.15 05:58:00
- The angel ships are fine as they are. Stop trolling ...2011.02.10 13:11:00
- around the 5 bil mark ...2008.11.26 00:44:00
- ahhhhh I could troll you to hell and back, but I won't. good luck. ...2008.11.25 22:51:00
- No no, not a spy. Sounds like hassle and more work to me.Funny that you should reply tho Cupdeez . ...2008.11.25 22:12:00
- 40 mil SP. PVP ...2008.11.25 20:36:00

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