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- i say yay for your amarr ideaminny sounds ok, but you will need to increase tracking on projectiles ...2006.11.03 14:26:00
- the few times i take my ratting ship out for a spin i see veld roids big enough to build a titan :)s ...2006.11.02 15:31:00
- elve wins this thread tbh... to bad the thread is worth nothing, so you go home without a price m8 ...2006.10.22 16:02:00
- I laugh at my so called Amarrian brothers, and shoot them with my a/c's.......Till I run out of ammo ...2006.10.20 13:28:00
- do ppl actually play with sound turned on? ...2006.10.20 13:16:00
- Not only are we trying to give you more sand (8 new regions), but more shovels, buckets and other to ...2006.10.20 13:06:00
- all i can say is: the sabre is not, and should not be, a solo pwnmobile ...2006.10.20 13:02:00
- Edited by: Uther Doull on 20/10/2006 12:52:22 i thought damn that corey has a slow ass host, then i ...2006.10.20 12:52:00
- what, you're quitting AGAIn testy? ...2006.10.20 12:24:00
- One thing I am curious about though is who is going to be the local rats. Are we going to get to at ...2006.10.19 14:48:00
- Edited by: Uther Doull on 19/10/2006 13:53:39 any chance we get some amarr specific changes, like t ...2006.10.19 13:52:00
- Edited by: Uther Doull on 30/08/2006 15:53:24 it kept stopping all the time.... not very good let i ...2006.08.30 15:51:00
- I've seen better, but not bad qft ...2006.08.30 14:01:00
- queue's for jumping through gates :( ...2006.08.30 12:29:00
- i lolled ...2006.08.30 12:28:00

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