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- Br, Joker Or you read a the topic before posting... why is it always a exploit becuase it does ...2011.02.22 12:46:00
- Some people should try watching the video before posting, it was not e-war as the onyx and vaga are ...2011.02.22 12:27:00
- Those are likely freighters in a wardec situation, otherwise I highly doubt you will get 20+ bs's to ...2011.02.14 13:51:00
- Freighters are even more of a nightmare to take down. I guess someone would have to be autopiloting ...2011.02.14 13:06:00
- Unfortunately, I don't believe that you are being given the full picture. First off, the Hulkagedden ...2011.02.14 13:03:00
- yes sent ...2011.01.31 13:30:00
- WTB 60 Day GTC 690 Million ONLINEdo you still need 1 ...2011.01.31 13:24:00
- Edited by: Thorleifer on 31/01/2011 13:29:17 Edited by: Thorleifer on 31/01/2011 13:10:28 to baron ...2011.01.31 12:51:00
- Well I mine on another toon, but if there is one thing I can't stand it is 4 boxing bot hulk miners ...2011.01.31 11:48:00
- Edited by: Thorleifer on 31/01/2011 13:30:20 Edited by: Thorleifer on 31/01/2011 12:13:31 secure o ...2011.01.31 11:34:00
- i vote for a massive incursion in jita, and allow the sansha to pop all the spamming bots there. ...2011.01.28 12:48:00
- Hmm, was thinking a little more then that surely?You can fly the tengu, to bad you can't fit a tengu ...2011.01.26 10:58:00
- So wait, the devs made it not so easy for you to amass the resources, and they made it so you actual ...2011.01.21 12:24:00
- Ya i would drop a POS just for this and put as many guns as i could up and man the guns and start po ...2011.01.19 12:37:00
- So I am wondering, if sansha invade a system, what happens to some clown who has a POS up in high se ...2011.01.19 12:13:00

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