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- What about the 3rd option? Like play other games.Sorry ...2011.06.26 10:03:00
- I for one like the ridiculous clothing prices because when I see the low prices for micro transactio ...2011.06.23 20:55:00
- No rules were broken Charons Obol, The bad feelings of many are more for how they went about it.In t ...2011.06.20 10:35:00
- I am not really familiar with the rules of AT so let me ask: Did they violate any rules? If yes wh ...2011.06.20 10:01:00
- Maybe a good idea would be to decrease hisec systems and make them low sec. Ive always thought ther ...2011.05.28 14:48:00
- LOL, at least one of my wishes comes true: High sec -> secure (yes exactly like hello kitty) I just ...2011.05.27 21:34:00
- Low should be somewhere between 0.0 and high There are players who should take “some” risk but no ...2011.05.27 12:36:00

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