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- Cool, so just to confirm, you are running it from OSX, not bootcamp? What are the frame rates like?T ...2011.03.03 23:28:00
- Has anyone got one of these, the thunderbolt ones? How does eve run on it, what is the temperature l ...2011.03.03 07:10:00
- I'll add an option to allow notifications to be enabled/disabled in the next release. Thanks for the ...2011.02.03 04:16:00
- Hi All,I've been away for a while since I was moving between countries, but now I've had a bit of ti ...2011.01.30 05:55:00
- Thanks, I'm on a bit of a break from Eve at the moment, I know about the partial training bug, will ...2010.08.03 12:30:00
- Mac support for Eve is a joke, I don't know why CCP even bother, they should scrap the whole thing a ...2010.07.20 17:44:00
- To the OP: Go to University, take a course on Real Time and Concurrent Systems and you'd realise wha ...2010.07.19 23:25:00
- This issue just started for me yesterday, and it's damn annoying. Fix please CCP!You use a mac Laed ...2010.07.18 09:36:00
- Obviously you don't have what it takes. Your stuff, can I has? ...2010.07.17 09:06:00
- Every time my client crashes, the crash reporter either does not come up or comes up and crashes its ...2010.07.11 23:48:00
- Just because it is a Mac issue doesn't make it low priority .Then please explain how the Mac users h ...2010.07.11 22:23:00
- Updates? CCP this is getting stupid now. Not able to read the mail in-game since the last patch came ...2010.07.11 10:06:00
- Personally I do it for the tears. ...2010.07.09 12:02:00
- ... it puts the bounty on the boson!Hahaha, best post ever. ...2010.07.09 10:20:00
- CCP, any update on this? It's impossible to check mail in game, having to go to evegate all the time ...2010.07.07 09:08:00

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