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- Bumpity bumpity bump. ...2011.09.06 19:40:00
- I've been having this issue since April of this year. I can successfully log in ONCE per day (IF THA ...2009.12.09 21:02:00
- Well, after a few fun filled days of being able to play, I'm back to not being able to log in.The so ...2009.06.03 14:10:00
- awesome, thanks man. I'm goin with Thanks again. ...2009.06.02 21:37:00
- I understand how to sell/buy time cards using in game ISK; But my question is; Is there any other w ...2009.06.02 20:28:00
- I still can not anywhere outside that 1am time frame :<I do remember doing this earlier today to try ...2009.06.01 21:21:00
- Ok, I was able to play for about an hour before socket closed. But hey, I can play now. Let's see ho ...2009.06.01 20:50:00
- I dunno what happened, but now I can log in and play.. I'll let you know how long that lasts for. ...2009.06.01 20:15:00
- Worked for me... Maybe that port is blocked on your router or w/e your using also. So you can't con ...2009.06.01 15:44:00
- Edited by: Alva Noto on 31/05/2009 15:08:49 I don't get disconnected if I have that help-channel op ...2009.05.31 19:40:00
- Try doing this... The following changes the port number to an alternate one. We are aware that a n ...2009.05.30 22:46:00
- but your able to connect for a little bit? Because mine is very strange where I get nothing at all a ...2009.05.30 21:44:00
- CCP isn't smart enough to realize that this is a big problem, and if they do realize it, they deny i ...2009.05.30 21:42:00
- Well, you saw one of their recent forum posts.Loosely translating the meanings:We couldn't get many ...2009.05.28 19:21:00
- This website Says that tranquility is offline; but when I get on the game, i ...2009.05.27 02:14:00

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