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- Edited by: Ceptia Cyna on 20/08/2011 11:45:32 Give us back the old Hangaroption! Give us back Ship ...2011.08.20 11:45:00
- No.The old eve is still there, just as good as it was.If you dont like it gtfo.I suggest you gtfo fa ...2011.07.17 03:05:00
- Exakt 15:56Then they will find out the Database finally went to hell and wont come back until Monday ...2011.07.16 14:09:00
- I do care cause he is right. ...2011.07.16 14:02:00
- oh I am adapting to other gamesThis! ...2011.07.16 12:54:00
- A bunch of liars that dont care about their customers? Yeah! ...2011.07.16 12:05:00
- Give us back the old "Station Spinning" our ShipsIncarna might be nice, but removing station spinnin ...2011.07.16 11:31:00
- X AgreedChange them back! We are used to them! Why screw thousands of customers? CCP do you even car ...2011.07.16 11:26:00
- 1. INCARNA2. INCARNA ...2011.07.16 11:12:00
- Compensation would be much appreciated as this is the second time this week your DB goes to hell! Sk ...2011.07.15 16:25:00
- **** your mum and get the hell out here! *****! ...2011.07.09 10:53:00
- Thank you all for the input. As i will mainly pvp in Caldari Space the Purifier seems to be the winn ...2011.04.25 13:36:00
- Ok guys enlight me. I dont get the stuff with the Damage Type for the Purifier over the Manticore. I ...2011.04.24 19:03:00
- Edited by: Ceptia Cyna on 24/04/2011 19:00:26 Yeah i dont like the Minmatar or Gallente Ships and i ...2011.04.24 19:00:00
- I accept that gallente and minmatar would be better but i do not intend to fly either. Thanks. ...2011.04.24 18:42:00

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