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- I'm not trying to think about what's invasive or not, just what's realistic really.If I'm being hone ...2011.02.17 18:12:00
- whoa - define tier system - do you mean the skill requirements necessary to fly a ship? as in rifte ...2011.02.17 18:06:00
- I think they should each require a "racial strategic frigate" skill, much like the racial strag cruz ...2011.02.17 17:55:00
- I think it should still be considered loot... going to person who dealt final blow... ...2011.02.17 17:50:00
- well, I've gotta admit, this is the single thread I do read... one way to reduce capship abuse, is ...2011.02.17 17:48:00
- Personal opinionconcord aggressing a ship should void the insurance of it, and ALL modules. ANY cap ...2011.02.17 17:38:00
- certificates can be shown in public - a final tab, after decorations.Therefore, certificates should ...2011.02.17 17:27:00
- I hope this would only be an introduction to highsec mining - when mining in WH's (not something I d ...2011.02.17 17:21:00
- no turrets, then it might be OK.... ...2011.02.17 16:44:00
- although I LOVE the idea, I do think it would probably be hard to implement.BUT, what about armed fr ...2011.02.17 16:38:00
- drones have a 5m3 or at most 50m3 capacity (below 100, anyway), a single block of ice takes up 1,000 ...2011.02.17 16:31:00
- Bots are well aware of survey scanners, and quite capable of remembering which strip is on which roi ...2011.02.17 15:45:00
- oh yeah, there was... If your lasers have been activated on a roid for more than 10 seconds, and ar ...2011.02.17 15:37:00
- I approve, but would suggest that when used on Orca - has vastly shrunken range... say 15-20 km? ...2011.02.17 15:27:00
- While I love the idea - I've got to point out a few practical failing with it - Each belt has an ass ...2011.02.17 15:16:00

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