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- HAPPY BERFDAY! :D ...2011.01.23 01:54:00
- PL always had a way with the fleet pewnage. I need to get inon some Sansha bashing soon :) ...2010.12.01 16:53:00
- Hmm. Any bets how long before IT declares ATLAS the main reason for failed campaign? Maybe even with ...2010.05.18 09:53:00
- Edited by: Brianna Tempest on 11/03/2010 07:23:33 Congrats Brianna Tempest,We had faith Thanks! M ...2010.03.11 17:17:00
- Hey Molle is your name Earl Hickey per chance? Cos DAYUM! Karma got Goonies good :)Gratz lads, enjoy ...2010.01.26 22:28:00
- HAPPY BDAY BRAH'S! ...2010.01.23 19:19:00
- Right basically, my first fanfest was 2006, made some good friends had a laugh, watched a developer ...2010.01.20 21:17:00
- /me flourishes about in his new M+S pyjamas ...but...but I WANT some M&S 'jamas. ...hey are you ...2010.01.07 00:46:00
- Edited by: Snakebloke on 05/01/2010 17:05:59 Derek Chu has been posting 'OMG atlas is about to fail ...2010.01.05 17:06:00
- AHHHH! Sweet :)THIS is the only good reason for having an AOE doomsday ...2009.11.26 22:38:00
- Every Caldari pilot I know cross trains for a Moros/Revelation when training for Dreadnoughts. Me in ...2009.02.24 13:03:00
- That was a fantastic fight, once again lag played a massive part but after all that the fight was st ...2008.07.23 22:40:00
- OK this is lame, BoB and Goons agreeing with each other.. dear god what has the world come to. And t ...2008.06.28 23:29:00
- No really i am congragulating CCP, i think the new trailer was outstanding and truly a visual treat. ...2008.06.19 22:03:00
- Your best bet is still to fly. what do you mean you dont fly you have a fear of flying? because if t ...2008.06.05 00:28:00

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