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- DNS in particular would be a good choice if you're just learning them....If you don't mind paying t ...2011.07.12 05:13:00
- We've stumbled upon a glitch in the matrix. And the final nail in the coffin? The actor playing Robo ...2011.07.06 05:01:00
- The specialization is more around building the fleet. You need a corp around you who have trained ...2011.07.03 21:03:00
- Absolute Max speed possible to obtain :Done with a Freki, 10MN digital booster rockets overheated, 3 ...2011.06.13 05:27:00
- Fix Covert T3 Jump Harmonics please. Black ops is best ops. ...2011.05.20 16:51:00
- Covert T3s no longer have Jump Harmonics 2. They are thus no longer able to use Black Ops jump porta ...2011.05.20 07:21:00
- Your other char is BolsterBomb, you noob.This. Incredibly obvious. Operating in or around AV-VB6.Int ...2011.05.12 15:45:00
- With all those I-stabs and extender people will be able to lock you twice as fast (sig bloom).Stick ...2010.04.01 09:47:00
- Edited by: Kyros Proxima on 01/04/2010 09:03:53 Edited by: Kyros Proxima on 01/04/2010 09:03:02 Th ...2010.04.01 09:03:00
- I don't suppose you have a need for industrial pilots to support your operations? ...2009.12.13 15:15:00
- Edited by: Absalom Marathon on 14/04/2009 15:12:46 If you don't cloak you will eventually die. ... ...2009.04.15 04:20:00
- I've made my fortunes almost exclusively with courier contracts, and I'll let you know, it doesn't h ...2009.04.15 04:04:00
- Estel is not only providing an incredibly helpful service, he is doing it in an incredibly helpful w ...2009.03.05 19:59:00
- Here's the gist of it: Once you jump through gate. You click to align to you destination burn your ...2009.01.29 16:54:00
- The Cloak-Warp Trick1) Cloak 2) Warp 4) ??? 5) Profit!That's a pretty awesome corp name you're in ...2009.01.29 16:26:00

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