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- Hi there,I've read your point of view on 0.0, low/hi-sec but I'm curious about your thoughts on CCP' ...2011.03.03 19:24:00
- Whenever I petitioned I got a quick and polite response. However if this is true then it's highly un ...2011.01.22 09:06:00
- Didn't work for my either. Tips and tricks on other threads didn't do it... my question 2 you now is ...2011.01.22 08:57:00
- Setting it to low doesn't do it for me either. Might be because I'm using a GMA X3100<= normally not ...2011.01.21 07:27:00
- Edited by: Roime on 19/01/2011 10:43:37 That's how then! Damn! Thank you, yesterday I went crazy!So ...2011.01.20 08:35:00
- What videocard are you using, if I may ask? I think this is only affecting Mac users atm. I could be ...2011.01.20 08:26:00
- Was trolling the Mac forums for my Mac-related problem...QUESTION: HOW DO YOU USE SCULPTING?ANSWER: ...2011.01.20 08:20:00
- 2.66ghz 24" imac here, 8gb RAM, GeForce 9400(256mb) and the character creator is practically unusabl ...2011.01.19 22:24:00
- I downloaded the new patch, some 1.5 GB of it, but after installing it received the message: Some of ...2011.01.19 06:29:00
- The actual sculpting doesn't seem to work... the help button says left-click on avatar for direct sc ...2011.01.18 18:35:00
- Edited by: Lederstrumpf on 18/01/2011 18:12:01 Graphic card: Intel GMA X3100Your hardware does not ...2011.01.18 18:15:00
- Edited by: McVain089 on 18/01/2011 18:12:06 I can now see my model!! yez! Settings: Character: hig ...2011.01.18 18:07:00
- I'd be really interested in knowing what graphics cards are causing the teeth and tongue issue, also ...2011.01.18 17:52:00
- Yeah, Same problem with character creator => a tongue and teeth. Dental check-up complete ;) ...2011.01.18 17:37:00
- Edited by: McVain089 on 15/12/2010 16:06:32 After downloading the patch. It starts to install, then ...2010.12.15 16:01:00

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