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- Yea hopefully they change the view to the floor or the ceiling. ...2011.06.27 20:59:00
- that you Hilmar? ...2011.06.25 17:11:00
- some shoelaces ...2011.06.23 19:40:00
- haha ...2011.06.23 04:54:00
- Dam good photos so far i would'nt like to be the judge. ...2011.06.23 04:48:00
- Game of Thrones when the next season starts.Best thing thats been on TV for ages that little blonde ...2011.06.23 04:31:00
- Basically Hilmar sat down at E3 with the guys from world of tanks and got so drunk that he thought w ...2011.06.23 04:08:00
- Have to disagree here love my new blasterII effects.Best part of the incarna ...2011.06.22 12:38:00
- Dust will die in a week if the prices to buy a new lazooooooor is 60 ...2011.06.22 08:45:00
- check jita? arnt they sellable on market?yeah they are.. a pair of boots for 1.7 bil isk... So CCP ...2011.06.22 08:34:00
- Ok i X up but not because i hate incarna.My pc running 2 clients with CQ open at 40-60fps so great j ...2011.06.22 06:39:00
- Don't lisen to all the whineing really enjoyed this years tourney.Soundwave and the commentators wer ...2011.06.20 09:07:00
- Really enjoying this year looking forward to weekend great job to all involed.Experts are awesome th ...2011.06.17 04:04:00
- Did anyone see the eve guy who taunted lulz about the cia or fbi on twitter...well is down.. ...2011.06.15 22:02:00
- This been my favourite set up so far in the tourney studio wise their doin great job.They must of al ...2011.06.12 17:04:00

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