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- There is only one thing we can do, just report more bugs and offer advice! have faith in our ccp ove ...2009.03.03 11:04:00
- Quote:The Epic Arcs are not randomly generated missions, so if we want to make a story that end ...2009.02.26 00:30:00
- im pretty noob (just a few months in) but have gotten a taste for pvp/pirate. anyone have a favorite ...2009.02.25 00:48:00
- hmm.... we have some greedy people here. the other day i was bored and made a caldari missile alt. s ...2009.02.19 01:10:00
- ha ha ha. sweet! just found this channel too. course i see your all from the cities :P im up in gran ...2009.02.12 06:54:00
- well now that you have all had some time on the test server. what are your ideas about the skills an ...2009.02.12 06:43:00
- what is the virtue of a super super ship? lets just wait for t3. ...2009.02.10 19:38:00

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